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If you’re the problem solver in your family and like to challenge yourself, our courses in information technology and website development might be the next step for you.

Studying a diploma with the Australian Institute of ICT will give you the technical edge in today’s information-based economy. Topics of study range from computer hardware and software, networking and communications, web development, database management and scripting.

We understand technology and industry demands for high-quality IT professionals, so we will help you with an education that is challenging while developing your agility to respond to what the industry requires.

All Australian Institute of ICT educators are technical experts and encourage you to innovate, critique and stretch your problem solving skills. Our industry-focused approach to education, combined with practical experience gained in these courses, sets a standard of excellence that means you will graduate with the confidence to be a leader and adapter in an ever-changing industry.

Turn your technical nous into a challenging and rewarding career today. Request a Callback or view our courses below.

Take websites to the next level

With our ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development, you will hone the website design and development skills needed to build highly engaging, dynamic and mobile-friendly websites for the future.  You will also develop the skills required to enter the website development industry as both an independent contractor (Freelancer) and as part of a development team, using industry-standard software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, content management systems such as WordPress and industry-standard frameworks such as Bootstrap.

If you have a passion for creativity that serves many purposes and want to work in a fluid and ever-changing industry, then a career in website development may be for you.

The benefits of completing a Website Development Diploma:

  • Foundation website development skills that allow you to create endless layouts
  • Advanced website development skills to work on e-commerce and large-scale business websites
  • Client and project management skills for small- and large-scale projects
  • Clear articulation pathways for higher education and on-going career development
  • Create engaging, creative and dynamic web pages that captivate your target audiences
  • Learn to create web pages using web languages such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript
  • Develop mobile-friendly websites that change appearance to suit different devices
  • Design, build and implement databases, database tables and integrate these with websites
  • Understand new web technology trends and learn how you can implement them
  • Reduce security risks through preventative measures to create robust solutions

Launch your career in cybersecurity

Our Certified Cybersecurity Professional course will prepare you for a career in an industry with 0% unemployment. This interactive online course will take you from zero industry experience to a job ready, front line Cybersecurity Analyst in less than six months.

The course includes three certifications from CompTIA, certifications which are accredited by International Organisation for Standardisation and the American National Standards Institute (ISO/ANSI). Please note, this program is not accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework – Head to courses to view AIICT’s Nationally Accredited Qualifications.

The combination of accreditation and through consultation with our Advisory Board of industry leaders, AIICT ensures that the course prepares you for the latest roles in cybersecurity.

The benefits of completing our Certified Cybersecurity Professional could provide you with:

  • The course will develop your foundational skills in Networking and IT to give you a sound understanding of best practice
  • On course completion and successful passing of the four exams (included in the course), you will receive three certifications in globally recognised CompTIA course content as well as an AIICT Certified Cybersecurity Professional certification
  • This course offers integrated online learning at its best, with video content, online quizzes and demonstration labs
  • You will be guided through the course by a course mentor, available on business days for live chat support, or contact at any time of the day and your queries will be responded to on the same business day
  • You can connect with your peers through an online messaging platform Slack, as well as through our learning management system (LMS)
  • Our online simulation partner will provide you with a platform to compete with your classmates in real world simulation attacks
  • You will have access to our Industry Partner Program, connecting you to the best companies currently hiring in cybersecurity
  • The foundational skills required to understand networking as a base to start to explore the security measures required to protect them
  • Key threats and vulnerabilities which organisations face on a daily basis and how to prepare and protect from these in case of a cyber attack
  • How to implement a sound network architecture to provide the best possible defense against cyber attacks