Can you earn a Diploma of Information Technology online?

With continuous, rapid growth in Australia’s IT industry, it’s no surprise the field has become a popular choice for formal study or further training. In fact, a 2018 Deloitte report recorded a total of 663,100 workers in the country’s ICT workforce in 2017 – up by 3.5% from the 640,800 in the previous year. This […]

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What you can do with a Diploma of Information Technology

Australia’s tech field is in bloom more than ever, with surging gains in both its employment and education sectors. Just last year, the Department of Education recorded Information Technology among the top four fields to experience the strongest growth in applications, ranking fourth under Architecture and Building, Natural and Physical Sciences, and Society and Culture. […]

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7 awesome things you can learn from studying ICT

ICT (short for “Information Communication Technology”) refers to our everyday use of communicative and data processing technologies. Whether it’s using our laptop to send an e-mail, our phone to make a video call, or simply surfing through the internet – all such activities rely on basic ICT skills and related devices to perform successfully. With […]

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