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Discover what it takes to become a successful project manager – both in general and ICT-specific fields. Explore current statistics on salary, industry growth, key skills and daily job responsibilities. Overview Project managers are responsible for supervising large company assignments, ensuring operations run smoothly and on-track throughout each stage of the process. Their key duties […]

Explore the requirements of an effective IT manager. Learn about key skills, job responsibilities, and information on salary, industry growth, and main industries of employment. Overview IT managers oversee the planning, maintenance, and development of computer and telecommunications systems in their organisation. They’re responsible for devising ICT-based policies and strategies, ensuring optimum security of systems […]

As another year comes close to an end, it’s a great time to reflect on previous years for a time of learning and reflection. 2018 marked another twelve months of tech-driven change and digital disruption – both domestically and worldwide. As its sphere ever-widens and increases in complexity, the IT industry continues to operate in […]

Our friends at DDLS, drill down on why more organisations are looking for ethical hackers to join their crew. Fighting cybercrime is like playing a never-ending game of cat and mouse. And increasingly, it’s a game Australian organisations cannot afford to lose. Let’s take a quick look at the facts. A recent CISCO report which […]

Cybercrime has risen at alarming rates over the years, costing the average Australian business around $276,000 per incident. With companies growing increasingly reliant on the digital space, hackers are finding new, sophisticated ways of breaching confidential data across industries. The government has luckily stepped forth on this issue, with a plan to invest more than […]

The internet has become an essential ingredient to everyday life, with eight in 10 Australians exhibiting daily online activity. This public interconnectedness often involves sharing our personal data – whether through private e-mails with a colleague or completing your latest purchase on Amazon. Though we revel in these conveniences, exposing our private information leaves it […]

For as long as the cloud has been discussed as a business opportunity, discussion around how to secure it has not been too far behind. Cloud has served as the catalyst to an array of technology initiatives with ever-evolving security requirements like “bring your own device” (BYOD), remote working and the internet of things (IoT), […]

Gone is the pressure of grabbing that first university offer – these days, Australians (and students across Europe and most recently, America) are taking on the “gap year”: a year-long break in between studies to learn more about themselves, their goals, and the world around them. Studies show that one in four school-leavers now decide […]

HSC is a daunting time for Australia’s high school students, with some labelling it as a “taxing experience” or even a “blood sport”. This year, 67,915 students are on track to completing their HSC exam – making it the most popular academic credential in the country for 2019. Unfortunately, this also means that thousands of […]

Now that your HSC is done and dusted – what’s next in life after high school? Though there’s that strong sense of achievement (and relief!) of finally gaining your diploma, it’s often daunting taking that next big step. But with enough careful thought and research, it doesn’t have to be. Once your high school years […]